6 most effective cardio exercises for all levels

The year is starting which means new routines and surely sport is on your list of resolutions. It's time to start, and for this it is good to know what are the best disciplines to achieve your goals and see results. In this blog we are going to talk about aerobic exercises also known as "cardio", these exercises involve all parts of the body and are considered the most effective if what we want is to lose weight.

Benefits of doing cardio

Did you know that the practice of sport activates the hormone of happiness? It also brings vitality to the body, makes our blood flow is activated, the body sweats and we get that feeling of wellbeing that we like so much. This type of exercise is, as a general rule, the most difficult to do but also the most satisfying once we have finished the workout. It brings numerous benefits to our body such as burning calories and strengthening muscles but not only that, it is shown that regular cardio reduces the risk of dementia, improves our immune system, the health of the heart and lungs and can even help us to control diabetes.

What types of cardio are there?

It is important to know what modalities exist within the world of cardio so you can adapt your workouts to your physical condition, after this there are no more excuses! Here we explain the types of cardio you can do:
  • HIIT (High-intensity interval training) or high intensity interval training, these exercises will increase your heart rate and burn more calories in less time. Keep in mind that these exercises do not have to involve running or cycling, you can do your HIIT routine at home and achieve excellent results.
  • LISS (Low intensity steady-state) are low-intensity, long-duration exercises that are perfect for people who want to maintain a regular heart rate. They usually last approximately 45-60 minutes and can be performed in your daily routine, climbing stairs or going for a walk.
  • MISS (Moderate intensity steady-state) is the middle ground between the modalities mentioned above, requiring a little more effort than LISS but without reaching the exhaustion that characterizes HIIT workouts. The body will easily adapt to these routines and they are still very effective.

6 best cardiovascular exercises

It's time to get down to work, choose the training intensity that best suits your physical conditions and start with these exercises:

  • Jumprope: you can combine 30sec-1min intervals divided into 5 sets with 20 seconds rest in each round, remember the intensity is up to you!
  • Walking on a slope: it is a very good option to which we can resort in our day to day, if you dare you can combine it with running or fast walking stages.
  • Knee raises: an easy exercise that you can do at home, raise your knees to your chest continuously forming a 90º angle.
  • Push-ups or abdominal planks: do as many repetitions as you can, try to adapt your workouts to your physical condition by listening to your body at all times, set yourself goals and try to surpass yourself.
  • Exercise bike and elliptical trainer: a perfect option to finish your workout, do 15 minutes of these exercises. You will notice that final effort that will improve your aerobic capacity.
  • Swimming: whenever you can, swimming is considered one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises, it can help you improve coordination and prevent injuries.

When it comes to cardio, there is no perfect formula, we recommend consistency, enthusiasm and a desire to excel. Create a routine and go for it!