GYROKINESIS by Born Living Yoga
As promised, we are going to tell you in detail our plans to celebrate the International Yoga Day.
We organized two Gyrokinesis classes on the terrace of Notabene. The idea of the action was to try this new technique.
The experience of our guests is quite positive and the place and temperature was unbeatable. The mix couldn't have been better!
Gyrokinesis is adiscipline that mixes several sports at the same time, since it applies the benefits of yoga, tai chi, swimming and dance.
We tell you some of the benefits of this discipline; improve joint work, without risk of injury. Increases flexibility and strengthens the muscles and tones them. It activates blood circulation and breathing and eliminates stress and anxiety.

After the class, our designer Arianne Puig explained the history of the brand, trends and inspiration for the designs. The fabrics used for the creation of the designs, being all of them sustainable.

All the outfits of the attendees and the mats are the products of our summer collection. You can find them on our website.

To continue the day with energy, we enjoyed a great breakfast with excellent company. The breakfast was balanced and with essential elements for a healthy and balanced meal.

Thanks to all the attendees and thanks to Notabene for guiding our steps in these actions.

And you... What do you think of the event, would you like us to organize classes more often, comment your ideas and opinions!