How to combine yoga and gym to improve?

More and more people are seeking to enter the world of yoga. The main objective when performing this discipline is to connect our body, mind and breath.

But what if we do not want to give up our gym training?

Yoga and bodybuilding: Is it good to combine them?

It is a mistake to think that yoga and bodybuilding are not compatible. They are two very different types of training, but the combination of both will make our body look healthy and toned.

The benefits shared by both disciplines are numerous, from toning and endurance, to physical and mental harmony. When you start merging your strength training with yoga practice or vice versa, you will realize that they are the perfect tandem.

If you are hesitating, our advice is definitely yes, for several reasons:

  • Yoga promotes peace of mind and concentration. Working on this aspect during the development of the postures (also known as asanas), will give you the opportunity to exercise it. All this is reflected in your perseverance, perseverance and overcoming during the gym hours.
  • Balance plays a fundamental role. Exercising our core in the gym will help us strengthen our lower back and abdominals. This toning is crucial if we want to perform the asanas perfectly.
  • Stretching will increase the performance of our muscles. After strength training, it is necessary to stretch the muscles in order for them to recover. Yoga can be the perfect solution to promote this recovery. In addition, it will help us to prevent possible injuries.

There are numerous benefits that can bring us the fusion of these exercises. So, it is time to plan our workouts taking into account this premise. You can do both activities on different days or on the same day. Remember, if you choose this second option, it is important that you finish your workout with yoga, and not the other way around.

Complete your routine

These are the most complete exercises that will provide multiple benefits in both workouts. You can practice them at home or at the gym, you choose!

1. Strengthen your core. Abdominal planks are perfect for a strong abdominal area. Here we leave you a blog where we talk about their benefits among many other things.

2. Stretching. Essential for the muscle to recover and avoid injuries. Remember to always stretch before and after each workout.

3. Multi-joint strength exercises. They involve a natural movement with the participation of several joints at the same time: strides, pull-ups, squats...

4. Balance and coordination exercises: for example, raising your heels. You can also use materials such as a fit ball to add extra effort.

We already have all the ingredients to get down to work. It's time to make a commitment, try to make a daily practice with the goal of improving your muscles and progressing in your asanas.