5 exercises to harden your arms quickly
The spring season is approaching which means: change of closet! We leave behind the long-sleeved sweaters and turtlenecks and give way to cooler clothes. There is one concern that occupies the minds of many women when this time of year arrives and that is... showing off the arms. The arms are one of the most indicative body parts of age, hence this concern to show them and make them look perfect. But what very few people know is that keeping your arms in shape is very simple, following a routine of about 10 minutes at home you can achieve your goal and get perfectly toned arms.

How to develop hard arms? The muscles you need to know

Before we start, we must know which muscles we need to exercise to achieve our goal:

  • Biceps: it is located at the top, it is the one that connects the arm with the forearm. It will be the easiest to tone as it is not so common that fat is stored in it but be careful! Exercising it is just as important as any other muscle as it is one of the main engines we have when doing exercises with weight.
  • Triceps: located in the back, this muscle is just as important as the previous one because, although it may not seem so, we exercise it a lot in our day to day. Let's put an end to the stigmas that it is a difficult muscle to define because with perseverance, anything can be achieved!

Why strength train as a woman

Exercising with weights brings us many benefits and not only at a muscular level, it also favors our cardiovascular system allowing us to do exercises of greater intensity progressively, exercises our bone density reducing the risk of injury and helps us to achieve a greater caloric expenditure.

What is the key to see results? It is necessary to perform strength exercises that help us to increase muscle mass in this area. Here we give you the perfect combination to follow to achieve perfect arms:

  • Routines of 10-15 minutes every day: being consistent will help us to see results faster.
  • Exercises with weights: we must reach maximum intensity in our workouts, so look for any object that costs you a little lift and use it in your routine, the easiest options are water bottles or milk cartons (1-2 liters). But that's not all, here we will also give you alternatives of exercises without weight, excuses do not exist!
  • Exercises of 10 to 15 repetitions: it is important that the last two repetitions are an effort, if this is not the case we must increase the weight or the number of repetitions in each round.
  • Routines with at least 3 sets: combining routines of 3-5 sets with 10-15 repetitions is ideal if we want to show off beautiful arms this spring.
  • A good diet will also help us to see results. Losing weight affects the whole body equally, even the arms. That's why our recommendation: drink plenty of water and create a healthy eating plan.


1. Weighted triceps extension.

Get into a squat position and raise your arms above your head. From this position bend your elbow towards your back getting a 90º angle, when you reach your maximum, raise your arms back to the initial position and so on repeatedly until you get 10-15 repetitions, depending on your physical condition. We will do 3 sets of this exercise.

2. Weighted biceps extension.

We place ourselves in the same position, squat with our legs slightly bent and extend our arms flush with our body. Later we raise the forearm making a 90º angle with our body and raise them upwards keeping the upper part close to our body and so on repeatedly up to 10-15 repetitions, during the 3 series. It is necessary to take weight to perform this exercise,

3. Front raises.

We place the arms in vertical form extended to the height of our men and the palms facing our body, we take weight in each hand and from this position we lower the arms until we leave them horizontal to the body, the ideal is to alternate the arms. Perform the same number of sets and repetitions as in previous exercises.

4. Push-ups

Doing push-ups will also help us to strengthen our arms, so lie down on the floor and raise your body with the help of your arms. It is important that they are aligned with your shoulders and from this position we lower and raise our body, you will notice how the muscle is strengthened from minute one! If your physical condition does not allow it, a good option is to perform this exercise supporting your knees. Perform 3 sets of 5-8 repetitions.
For best results you can add a variation to this exercise: in the middle of the flexion when you find yourself with your elbows straight, lift your arm up. Then repeat with the other arm.

5. Jump rope.

Jumping rope or simulate that we are jumping is also very beneficial, activates your body with cardio exercises for 30 seconds, 5 sets.