The best sports bra: What features should it have?

Having a good sports bra can make you have a better experience and better performance during your workout. In addition to choosing a quality model, you should choose one that supports your chest well and fits your body. This way, you will avoid feeling uncomfortable with bouncing which, in the long run, can lead to back injuries, chest sagging, chafing or irritation, among others. Therefore, it is important to know which sports bra to choose for each body and for each sport.

What types of sports bras are there?

Within the variety of sports bras, at Born Living Yoga we differentiate them by the support provided by the bra.

Low support: We do not recommend low support sports bras for sports training. As they do not support the chest, you will feel discomfort and may cause pain in the area.

Medium support: sports bras with thin straps, such as our new Maira top, or a more relaxed design, such as the Salma top. Medium support sports bras are the most comfortable for women with small breasts, who don't need that extra support to feel comfortable.

High support: the maximum support sports bras. You will feel full comfort if you have a large chest or if you practice high-impact sports. These bras tend to have slightly tighter necks, such as the Isoka top, swim backs or more athletic style and wider straps like the Sakra top.

What is the best type of fabric?

The quality of the fabric in sportswear is very important, as it prevents chafing or irritation, and provides full comfort and breathability during your workouts. Our sports bras are made of polyamide and elastane. Polyamide is a synthetic and natural fiber, which provides softness and support to the garment. While elastane is the synthetic fiber that provides great elasticity and high resistance to the garments.

At Born Living Yoga we have two main fabrics within our sports bra category:

Seamless: seamless fabric that provides a second skin effect. It fits your body like a glove and thanks to its elasticity, you will feel maximum comfort.

Premium: fabric for high-impact sports. Its 4 Way Stretch fabric ensures maximum comfort.

Which bra to buy depending on the sport?

Each sport needs different support. For high-impact sports, you will need to train in a high-support sports bra, which grips the chest area well and provides security. For gentler, low-impact sports, you can wear medium support sports bras.

Yoga - for yoga you can wear either of the two types of sports bras you will find in Born. Since within yoga, there are different styles; some more aerobic and some more relaxed, you can try high or medium support bras.

Gym or crossfit - For gym or crossfit workouts, we recommend wearing high support bras. This type of training usually involves a lot of jumping and impact on the body, so a high support bra will give you all the comfort you need.

Running - for runners, there's no question: high-support sports bras. While running, you're bouncing all the time. These bounces impact the chest, so wearing a well-supported chest area is very important. Not only for comfort, but also for health, as it can lead to injury.