Outfits for the gym: 6 ideas of sporty looks for women
The constant change in the fashion industry not only affects the everyday clothes but also the gym looks and, with the recent growth of the "Athleisure" trend, we no longer have an excuse not to follow the trends, also while doing sports.
Among the wide variety of outfits, it is important to know which are the looks that best suit your body shape and with which you feel more comfortable, in this blog we give you ideas of gym looks that you can also combine with your closet.

Look 1. Look with jumpsuit

If you are one of those who like to go to the last ... this garment is made for you! Wearing a one-piece gym look is probably one of the most comfortable outfits to practice indoor sports. Do you know the best of all? You can give it a second use by combining it with casual clothes in your day to day like a jacket or a wool sweater, for example. Do you dare?

Look 2. Total look set Seamless

The garments with sameless fabric are characterized by being seamless garments of medium support that give a "second skin" effect. This range of outfits is very versatile, in it you can find numerous patterns and finishes and above all many, many colors! For the winter season you can opt for earth tones or a whole range of grays that will make you fall in love. For the summer season dare with more vivid colors like blue, green or yellow. In short, if you are looking to show off your figure, this is your outfit.

Look 3. Total look Premium set

The Premium sets are ideal for those women who are looking for extra support while doing their favorite sport. Made with 87% Polyester and 13% Elastan, these sets are very light and have such a soft touch that you won't want to take them off. In addition, this range of products offers sizes from S to XL and is perfect for women with breasts. With a wide range of colors and designs, the Premium range will make you feel unique in the gym.

Look 4. Long sleeve looks

You'll be surprised how comfortable they are! Many people are reluctant to do sports with this type of garment but that's because they have not tried it ... It adapts completely to your skin and can be a very good ally if you like to do outdoor sports. The best thing about this garment? Undoubtedly its elasticity, it will allow you to do any kind of exercise.

Look 5. Looks with short sleeve crop top

One of the most seen options in the world of sport, and it is often "no is more"! A short sleeve t-shirt is always a good option if you are looking for comfort and simplicity but be careful, we are seeing more and more short sleeve t-shirts with perforated designs especially in the back.
Do we love them? We love them!

Look 6. Shorts

In the summer season, a good pair of sport shorts are the best closet background and you can use them in any occasion. If you are one of those who practice HIIT sports, we recommend the double shorts with inner underpants made of thin and elastic fabric, they will allow you to make any movement, try them and you'll see! If low-impact sports are your thing, your perfect pant is the biker style. With double elastic waistband, it adapts perfectly to your body, without a doubt it is one of our favorites.