Gift ideas for yogis that are sure to hit the spot.

It's clear that we love to give gifts, and in this age where everything is just a click away, it can seem more and more difficult. So, if you don't know what to give that special yogi in your life, we are here to help you.

How to choose the best gift for yoga practitioners:

It is obvious that the more recent the incorporation of that person you are going to give as a gift to the world of yoga, the easier your task will be since he or she will have fewer materials and accessories. But here we bring you a selection that will be of great use to you and that special yogi will use in their next practices.


We always say it: a yogi's best friend is his mat, always so important in our practices!

You must take into account that the mat is made of resistant materials, as this way its useful life will be longer; and very important that it is non-slip, as certain movements and yoga postures require great stability; therefore, it is important not to slip to avoid injuries.


Another very useful accessory for both beginners and more advanced yogis, are yoga blocks (also known as yoga bricks). In case you are not familiar with this accessory, yoga blocks serve to help you find balance.

Blocks can help both beginners and those who have suffered an injury to adapt certain postures making them accessible when you have lack of flexibility or inability to perform the movement. And for more advanced yogis, they can be helpful in learning and practicing more challenging postures in a safer way.


As during the practice of any other sport, it is important to be well hydrated while practicing yoga; therefore, another useful gift are bottles. It is important to be sustainable and take care of the environment, so we encourage you to choose a bottle made of materials that respect the planet and of course, avoid those made of plastics.

You must take into account that the bottle does not absorb odors or flavors, so that it remains in good condition as long as possible. There are many styles of bottles, each one ideal depending on the lifestyle of each person: with built-in handles, possibility of adding a hanger, and even, if you are looking for an ideal gift for a tea aficionado, you can give him a bottle that has a filter so he can take his favorite teas wherever he goes. He will love it!

Yoga jumpsuit:

Sport jumpsuits are very fashionable, and besides, they are an ideal garment for yoga practices. They provide a lot of comfort when performing different postures and movements, since, being a unique garment, it is not necessary to be worried about the movements of the clothes, but simply concentrate on the practice.

It is an original garment that provides the necessary coverage on the body, and the best thing is that it is like wearing three garments in one - since even the bra is integrated into the garment. When looking for the ideal jumpsuit, keep in mind that it is important that the fabrics of it provide compression and are soft on the skin - a way to look ideal while enjoying yoga!


Another ideal garment for yoga practice are leggings, as they provide of the elasticity and comfort needed during practice. There are different types of leggings: seamless, with compressor effect, with fabrics that favor the "push-up" effect, ... We opt for those high waist, as they hold better and also stylize the figure.


And what better than combining the legging with a yoga top! When choosing a sports top, comfort must come first. For this reason, we recommend that it has flat seams -if it has them- and that it does not have underwires, to avoid any chafing as much as possible. Another point to keep in mind is that the fabric should be breathable. Also, tops look great both as a set, as well as pulling your imagination and doing mix & match with your favorite leggings!

Yoga journal:

Another great idea is to give a yoga journal as a gift. There are several types: those that recommend postures, have specific questions along the notebook or those that are blank for those who practice yoga to write down what they want.

It is a good way to keep a record of the practices and allows the possibility of writing down new postures, minutes that have been dedicated to a meditation or a yoga class, or simply the thoughts and emotions that have arisen from them.

Scented candles:

Both for meditation and for practicing yoga, it is important to create a good atmosphere, and one element that can help in this task are scented candles.

One of the objectives of yoga is to put the senses under control, but it is important not to fight against them, but to let them become our companions; smelling the same fragrance for several days, can help the sense of smell to focus, also helping to focus the mind. On the other hand, fire is considered a purifying element that illuminates the path, so lighting candles can also represent that intention. Yoga is a practice loaded with symbolism, and candles can help create the perfect atmosphere.

In-person class:

The experiential gift is always a hit, and that is why we propose you to give the gift of a yoga class or retreat. These are experiences that are available in different cities and remain forever in the memory; also, it is a good way to improve postures and improve the level or even experience another type of yoga that had not been practiced before.

In addition, whether you are a yogi or not, you can encourage each other to practice together, sharing different experiences is always special!

We are sure that in this list you will find the perfect gift for that special yogi, so we can only hope that he/she likes it very much!