Home Workout Routine for Women

Women's Home Workout Routine

Don't forget your fitness routine on vacation!

Vacations are the most awaited period to take a break from our work routine and recharge our batteries to come back to the top.

Being consistent in a fitness routine will give you multiple benefits both physically and psychologically.

Do I need dumbbells or elastic bands?

You can use them if you have them on vacation, but the exercises that we are going to propose will be all with your own weight, so that it can be easier and more dynamic.

Which workout routine do I choose? Full body or torso leg?

A complete routine has many benefits, we propose several routines for this summer and you can keep all the workouts in summer and on vacation.

Weekly home workout routine

  • Strides: Performing strides on the beach or on a walk for 20' is a very easy exercise to do that will keep our legs and gluteus strong. Performing: from an upright starting position, stride forward with your hands on your hips, one knee touches the ground, keeping your upper thigh vertical, propelling your leg forward. It is important to keep your shoulders, hips, knees and heels aligned.

  • Abdominals: Even on the beach towel, you can take a little time to do abdominal crunches with your feet on the floor, placed at maximum hip width, hands touching knees. It is important to keep your back low to the ground to avoid overextending your back.

  • Jumping jacks: Another exercise you can do by the beach or pool, easy for your summer vacation. Performing: Feet shoulder width apart, jump with your feet together and bring your hands to your head. This way you work your shoulders and legs.

  • Push-ups: you can perform 10 push-ups, from a starting position with hands, chest and toes supported (with version of supporting knees), elbows at 90 degrees and with a width of the feet that equals our hip, stretch your arms and return to the starting position. We exercise chest, shoulder, triceps and core.

  • Superman: this exercise is easy to perform on the towel. You just have to lie face down, with arms and legs extended without resting on the floor and hold in that position. We work muscles of the neck and shoulder, and muscles of the lower and upper back.

    Are you ready to enjoy your summer?🙋♀️