Testimonials Veronica Blume - RE BORN

On the occasion of the International Yoga Day, we launch our most awaited Testimonial by VERONICA BLUME!


Veronica has opened the doors of her moving story, her trajectory. She shows us how Yoga and being a mother has changed her life, reorganizing her scale of values.

At the age of 17 she was parading on all the catwalks of the world, and was on the cover of the best magazines, a life that at first glance seemed perfect. As she says, everyone told her she was "perfect", but she felt far from it.

Thanks to yoga, Veronica has reorganized her scale of values, and is now a totally peaceful person.

For the Born team, preparing this testimonial has really been a pleasure. To be able to have the closest and most human side of Veronica, in her city of residence Barcelona, and practicing Yoga, the discipline that has changed her life.

Yoga 🧘♀️ is a traditional spiritual, physical and mental discipline.

The 21st is the International Yoga Day, a very special day for us, in which we want to celebrate it with you.

After Veronica's Testimonial, we would love to continue this experience, and that you join us at the special event we have prepared in Madrid, at the exclusive Four Season Hotel.

Just let you know that it will be a very special class with Mimi Albero. Sensory yoga experience, followed by a Brunch if you join us at the 12:00 session, and on the other hand a dinner if you attend the evening session at 18:30.

So far we can count 🤭 ... many surprises await you at our event.

🤗We are waiting for you!🤗