A yoga event with Forum Sport and Eva Zabala

We participated with Forum Sport in an event organized by Timby and 108 Yoga Studio Bilbao.

The objective? To experience first hand all the benefits that yoga can bring to their lives.

The day began with a talk given by Eva Zavala from 108 Yoga Studio Bilbao, with the intention of inspiring attendees to incorporate this practice into their lives.

During the talk, Eva explained one of the highest purposes of yoga (ānanda), the conception of the body in 5 Koshas or layers, and how each of these layers is affected positively or negatively by our actions.

We also addressed the nervous system and how we co-regulate each other. We culminated this moment with a breathing and peripheral gazing exercise. Everyone experienced how these simple but powerful practices can help the nervous system find calm.

After the talk, participants gathered on their mats, ready to dive into a session of Anusara®️ Yoga.

The theme of the class was "Calm is born and dwells within you". This session guided them into Parsva Bakasana posture in a gentle, serene and calm manner.

Yoga Day was not only about yoga, but also about community and gratitude. As a token of appreciation, gifts were generously provided by wonderful supporters.