Refund Policy

If you need an exchange or return on your order do not worry because it is free and at home.

Our return period is 30 days from the moment we receive the package.

Steps to follow

1- Log in to your account through this link

2- Select the order you want to exchange or return one or more items and click on"See details".

3- Choose the item(s) and click on"Exchange or Return".

4- Select the type of request (exchange or return) you want for that item and fill in the fields below; you will receive an email notification confirming the exchange or return.

5- The carrier will carry the shipping label.

*In the case of return, you will receive a notification in your email when the refund will be made.

If you have any doubt or question, please contact us through our customer service phone number 91 805 64 02.

Important information to take into account

  • Exchanges cannot be made by model, only by size.
  • The first exchange is free, in the second exchange, the customer assumes the shipping costs.
  • The deadline to proceed with the refund is 10-15 working days.