Friday Favorites

This week our Friday Favorites are dyed blue, because we are celebrating! March 22nd was International Water Day, our most precious commodity. It is the engine that moves us and our planet: 70% of our planet is made up of water, and 60% of us are water ourselves. As you can see, water is an essential resource.

For us at Born Living Yoga, water has always been of special importance, and that is why, since our inception in 2017, we have always strived to fulfill our duty to the environment. Our garments are composed of fabrics made of sustainable fibers, which hardly need any water both in their manufacturing process and during their life cycle. These fabrics are composed of long, thin filaments that, in addition to providing greater comfort, prevent the loss of micro-plastics during washing; our garments do not require long washing cycles, which reduces not only water use, but also energy use.

We have saved more than 600 million liters of water, which is equivalent to the hydration of 8.3 million people and the irrigation of more than 2,000 hectares of crop fields. And this is possible because, as we mentioned earlier, our fabrics hardly need any water during production: we only need 10 liters, compared to the 2,500 liters needed for a garment made from cultivated materials, such as a cotton T-shirt.

In 2020, we wanted to go one step further and started our Hop on the Born Wave movement to give voice to our commitment, as well as to inspire and join forces with others in the responsible use of water.

And today, our favorites are dedicated to our latest Wave of Change.


Our favorite action can be none other than the launch of our Wave Capsule. A collection consisting of sets, mats and bottles in blue tones, with which 20% of profits will go to the ocean cleanup with Ocean52.

We invite you to visit our Wave Capsule -we are sure you will love it- and help us to continue caring for the planet.


This year, on the occasion of the celebration of Water Week, we wanted to join forces with Ocean52, who allocate a large part of their profits to the protection of our oceans, through collaborations with environmental organizations or their ocean ambassadors. They also fulfill their mission to raise awareness through the organization of workshops in schools, the cleaning of beaches and seabed or their support to different research projects.

With their products, they call to reduce the excess of plastics in the ocean, and by minimizing their use in their range, they avoid generating plastic waste that can end up in the oceans and help to make more conscious consumption decisions.


This week we couldn't choose any other video than our World Water Day #HopOnTheBornWave, where Álvaro Roca, our CEO, together with AUARA and Ocean52 -who have already joined our cause- will discover our Hop on the Born Wave movement and give you some tips to reduce your daily water consumption. Don't miss it!

Youtube Video

We hope you liked our favorites as much as we did and that you'll hop on our wave!