Celebrate MOTHER'S DAY


A very special date is approaching, Mother's Day.

From Born, we want to celebrate with you this special day in honor of our mothers, these people who have given us life and accompany us every day.

If everyone makes an internal reflection of what the figure of a mother means, we will draw different conclusions, but undoubtedly, we all identify with: "representation of unconditional love and support in our development and growth.".

When we are children, we are not aware of the love and dedication that our mothers give us. As we grow up, they are the ones who guide and accompany us along the way, always showing their support to fulfill all our dreams and goals.

This year, we highlight this unconditional love with the story of Alba Polo, a former professional gymnast, whose story reflects how a mother plays a fundamental role on the road to success.

Alba, started practicing rhythmic gymnastics when she was seven years old, and in 2014 she became part of the Spanish National Team. Dedication, effort, demand and discipline, were the indispensable ingredients, which undoubtedly made Alba shine, and that without the support of her mother, Nadia, would never have been possible.

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