Abdominal exercises for women: the best abdominal exercises for women

Are you looking for atable of abdominal exercises to get a flat, strong and defined belly? We tell you which exercises are the best and how to perform them!

Abdominal exercises are not only essential when it comes to getting a hard belly, but they are also essential to have a good posture, strengthen the back and even improve intestinal transit. In addition, if you have been a mother or are pregnant, doing abdominal exercises will help you recover after childbirth.

Table of exercises for the abdomen

1. Plank

One of the most popular exercises for women. Instead of doing repetitions, the plank consists of acquiring a proper body posture, back straight and hips in line, and try to hold it as long as you can. It is an isometric exercise, that is to say, instead of repetitions, it consists of holding the static posture while maintaining the correct position, tightening the abdomen.

What is worked?

It is one of the most complete postures, since it works core, shoulders, arms and buttocks.

How to perform the exercise?

(i). Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and open. Get a stable position, resting the palm of your hands on the floor and supporting your forearm. The shoulders should be at the level of the elbows.

(ii). The tips of your toes should be in line with your hips, i.e., open your legs so that you have a straight line from your hips.

(iii). Hold this static position for as long as possible, at least 30 seconds. You must squeeze your abdomen tightly and try not to move the position.

2. Bicycle

This is the best considered exercise of all. Many studies agree that it is the exercise that works the most muscles at the same time.

What do you work?

You will work the rectus abdominis and the entire six pack.

How to perform the exercise?

(i). Lie on your back, keeping your entire back on your mat.

(ii). Place your hands behind the back of your neck, lift your right knee up at a 90 degree angle with your leg. Bringing your knee toward your hip, rotate your upper trunk to touch your left elbow to the point of your right knee.

(iii). Do the same by switching knees and elbows. We recommend doing 2 or 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Mountain Climber

Perfect bodyweight exercise to increase your heart rate.

What do you work?

In this cardio exercise you will work your upper and lower abs.

How to perform the exercise?

(i). Lie on your stomach as if you were going to do a push-up. Hands resting on your mat, aligned with your shoulders.

(ii). Keep your body in a straight and stretched position, from head to knees.

(iii). Tighten your abdomen and move your knee forward, keeping the other knee straight behind. Swap legs, each time bringing the knee forward on each side. Instead of repetitions, try to hold for about 45 seconds while moving your knees at a moderate pace.


A very complete workout in which you involve the lower and upper trunk.

What do you work?

You will work the upper and lower abdominals and you will also be strengthening the oblique abdominals.

How to perform the exercise?

(i). Lying on your back with the palm of your hands resting on your mat, under your buttocks. Without lifting your arms off your mat, sit up, while suspending your legs in the air, leaving a few centimeters off the floor.

(ii). Lift one of your legs each time, until you keep them above your hips. Form a 90-degree angle with both legs. Do not bend your knees or tilt your body.

(iii). Lift and lower one leg, keeping one leg up and one leg down, doing the scissors motion. It must be a slow movement to be fully effective. Do about 20 repetitions with each leg.

5. Revolving plank

One of the most complete exercises.

What do you work?

Core, lateral abdominals, shoulders, arms and balance.

How to perform the exercise?

(i). Position yourself in a push-up position, palms flat on the floor.

(ii). Rotate your whole body to the right, keeping your left hand resting on your mat and your right hand stretching towards the ceiling, tilting your body facing to the right and keeping your weight on your left foot.

(iii). Return to the initial push-up position and rotate to the other side. This counts as one repetition. We recommend doing 12 repetitions.

These are the five most complete exercises to work your abs. You can practice these exercises at home or at the gym, it's your choice! The more repetitions you do, the faster you will notice the change in your abdomen. If you have any discomfort when performing any of the exercises, check with your trainer or a professional to improve your posture if needed.