Gluteus, Abdomen and Leg Exercises for Women

Women have more complicated areas in our body, which we must work more. If we talk about buttocks, abdomen and legs, they may be areas where we usually put the focus because they are areas where fat accumulates and we find it very difficult to remove it.

The famous routine of GAP, is created to work these areas of the body of women so latosas.

The objectives are usually flat and marked belly and buttocks and legs of steel.

The GAP routine can be performed either at home or at the gym, the place that motivates you the most or is more comfortable for you, as they will always be exercises that can be adapted (with or without machines).

We recommend a minimum routine of twice a week, or three times a week alternating with rest so that your muscle can regenerate well.

In previous blogs we have also emphasized nutrition. It is very important that your diet is healthy and balanced if you want results from your workouts.

GAP Routine for women

Level A - GAP for beginners - intermediates

Exercise 1 - Hip extension

Lying on the floor, support your elbows and knees. Stretch one leg while holding it for 10'', putting pressure on the abdomen and gluteus. The leg must be straight and firm, and you alternate legs.

Exercise 2 - Gluteal kick

Repeatingthe previous exercise, you will stretch your leg upwards at a 90º angle. You should feel pressure in the abdomen.

Exercise 3 - Backward Lunge

Legs shoulder width apart, perform a backward stride and lower back down. You should feel pressure on your abdomen and glutes.

Exercise 4 - Deep squats

Like a normal squat, spread your legs a little apart, keeping your back firm as you lower yourself as far as possible, and then come back up.

Exercise 5 - Bent Knee Lateral Lunge

You support yourself on the floor with your knees and elbows, and bring one leg to your side, bringing this leg up as far as possible. You must alternate with each leg, always performing a balanced workout in number of repetitions for each leg.

Level B - GAP for advanced

Exercise 1 - BulgarianSquats

Starting from a normal squat, you must take a support, such as a bench, to place one leg, while you do the downward movement. It is important to keep your back straight to avoid injury. Interchange legs during the training.

Exercise 2 - Hip raises

Lying on the floor with your knees bent and your feet firmly on the floor, lift your abdominal area and hold for 10''. You should feel pressure in your abdomen and glutes.

Exercise 3 - Lateral leg raises

Lying on your side on the floor, hold your head with one of your arms and raise your leg as high as you can and lower it back down. You work your lateral abdominals and your legs.

Exercise 4 - Scissors

Lying on the floor, raise one of your legs and as you lower one leg, raise the other. Repeat 10 times with each leg.

Exercise 5 - Planks

Using your forearms and the tips of your toes, hold yourself on the floor, keeping your body straight, and hold this position for 15''.

The ideal is to perform these routines from 45' to one hour, doing circuits to increase your motivation.