Friday Favorites

Summer days are approaching and you can already see it in our favorites! Discover our essentials this month so you can start the summer season fully prepared.


The hot days are here and we are more and more eager to spend time outdoors, enjoying the sunny days and high temperatures. And that's why our absolute favorite could not be other than the shorts!

Whether for your most casual outfits combined with an oversize t-shirt or a crop top, or for outdoor workouts, shorts are going to be your perfect ally this season. Choose the length you like the most, and don't be afraid to dare with colors, as you can create incredible contrasts and enhance your skin tone. In addition, the biker continues to be a trendy garment with many possible combinations, it's just a matter of imagination!


Yesterday we discovered in our live show with Maria Hernandez and an expert from Kérastase, their new dry shampoo: Fresh Affair, we can't live without it! And it has become a must-have in our gym bag.

This dry shampoo is ideal for after our workout, when we need a touch-up after a trip, at work, ... in short, when we notice that we have an excess of shine at the roots or feel the hair caked. Fresh Affair shampoo absorbs excess sebum both at the roots and in the hair, leaving you with a light touch and an incredible feeling of cleanliness.

Plus, now you have the chance to try Fresh Affair thanks to their giveaway, don't miss out!


With the arrival of the heat it is essential to stay hydrated, both during our workouts and throughout the day; it is important that you drink between one and a half and two liters of water a day. That's why our favorite must-have accessory is our new Cloud bottle. It makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day because it's so comfortable to carry, and it keeps your drink cold - or hot - thanks to its thermal characteristics: ideal for carrying in any situation!

Plus, it's a perfect way to help our planet by reducing the environmental impact, avoiding the consumption of water -or other beverages- in bottles that are not recyclable.


With the heat, our hair starts to bother us more than usual in our workouts, and a good way to look good and keep your hair at bay during training is with a high ponytail -plus, it's a very versatile hairstyle that you can wear both in your office looks or with your more casual outfits-.

The high ponytail is easy and quick to do. To do it, you can first apply a dry shampoo so that your roots are a bit more lifted and your ponytail is more casual. Next, you should brush your hair back to where you will gather it; to do this you can throw your head forward and down, and brush your hair from the nape of your neck upwards, this will make it easier to comb your hair. For a voluminous finish, you can backcomb the front section of your hair in the direction of the ponytail, but always be careful not to get to the roots, and then lift your hair back and secure it with a rubber band. And for those days when you want to tuck it in even tighter, you can twist it back on itself to create the perfect bun!

We hope you liked our must-haves to start the summer season!