Play your COLOR


Summer is joy, is light, is warmth, is peace, is rest, is to find oneself... is COLOR!

Last week we presented our new summer collection, in which COLORS 🌈 take great prominence.

Born from the beginning has had in mind its range of colors, as a strong commitment, in addition to its other pillars such assport, the technicality of its garments and fashion.

The RAE defines color as: "Sensation produced by the luminous rays that impress the visual organs and that depends on the wavelength".

Colors are moods , sensations, emotions. There are studies that say that colors can mean a plus➕ when it comes to motivate you to perform a workout.

Dr. Martinez Cañellas, published a study on "Color Psychology", in which he studies the associations of colors with attitudes, relating colors such as red ❤️ with more aggressive and hyperactive attitudes, or blue with more relaxed temperaments.

The color orange 🟠 , will help you concentrate, associated with values such as courage, friendship, triumph and hope.

The color pink 💕 , associated with optimistic personalities😊.

The blue color range 💙, generates a sense of calm, helps us to focus on our goals, and helps us to overcome any bumps in our sports career. Its associated values are serenity, confidence and harmony.

The green tones 💚, are perfect colors for training, as they are balance, and allow athletes to be in full performance due to maximum concentration. They inspire peace 🙏, relaxation, freshness and innovation.

Yellow 💛 in the practice of high-level sport is used in days close to the competition, as your reflexes improve as it is a color that attracts our attention. It is related to "happiness", "energy" 😊, "energy" 💥and "friendship" 👥.

We invite you to reflect,

Is there a color for each sport?