World Yoga Day


¡ 21-06-22 !

Last Tuesday 21st was International Yoga Day 🧘♀️, one of the most special for us in the year.

With the murmur of the water of the exclusive fountain of the vertical garden of the Four Seasons Hotel, with the eyes covered by a blindfold, some headphones 🎧 with surround sound and different aromas that transported you to your peace of mind; Thus we gave beginning to the practice that we shared with Mimi Albero.

The sessions were Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practices that were performed using headphones, smells and masks to focus the class in all the sensory part that we previously told you. We practiced Pratyahara, which means the withdrawal of the senses, so our external stimuli impacted our mind, leading us to an introspection that helped us to increase our self-knowledge and self-esteem.

The sessions were accompanied by a delicious healthy brunch!

We are also very happy to have made the international day of yoga, a great day for our community, with the participation in 7 different events in Spain!

How important are the meetings, the connection that yoga gives us, the human relationships and the experiences!

Thanks to all the Yogis who joined us in this special day...🙏

Soon we will be waiting for you with more events and news with our Yogi Born Community!