Born Testimonials: World Water Week, Michelle des Bouillons

BORN Testimonials.

On the occasion of International Water Day, we launch our BORN Testimonials with a very special profile, Michelle des Bouillons, who for her relationship with water and her commitment to the planet, rides our wave to join our Hop on the Born Wave movement.

Michelle, is one of the only women in the world who surfs the big waves of Nazaré. It allows her to connect with the ocean, giving birth in Michelle a great feeling for the planet.

Our surfer of Brazilian origin, daughter of surfers, carries in her blood her connection with the water. She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, with French origins, and living between Bali, France and Portugal.

We have been lucky enough to get to know her life more closely, thanks to herTestimonial in Nazaré, where we have been able to experience with her what a day among waves is like , her training routine, and most importantly, her commitment to the water.

Nazaré 22

Michelle defines herself as: "professional big wave surfer, model, TV presenter and lecturer. You can find me barefoot and tousled at Desert Point with gel nails (haha). I feel bored if I'm at my most luxurious without having a purpose beyond that. I am passionate about animals, especially dogs. I have a habit of picking up trash (plastics) that I come across when I'm surfing or get out of the water, which unfortunately happens daily. "

In addition to many other anecdotes, Michelle told us how for the first time she surfed on big waves in Nazaré, in 2017, with her first drag board, made by her father.

She tells us, "I had the opportunity to go to the water with João de Macedo's team. I caught 5 waves in total and, to be honest, I didn't really know how to surf that wave, I was nervous, but inside I was super excited! Even with the fear and not knowing exactly what I was doing, I was very happy with this new experience and I kept all the good things I had in those days and took them with me to my next surfing adventures. I remember perfectly that on my first wave I didn't even want to look back (hahaha), I was surfing by my intuition guiding me by the noise of the wave. "

With Michelle de Bouillons as the protagonist, we inaugurate our Testimonials, The BRAVERY, linked to the special importance, that from Born, we want to give to the"WATER" and the commitment we have with our planet, contributing our support with our movement Hop on the Born Wave.