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Introducing Born by Xuan Lan. A collection in collaboration with our ambassador Xuan Lan, which brings to the holistic practice of yoga through the garments Harmony, Balance, Union, Gratitude, Serenity and Awakening.

This collection helps you connect with the emotions and your "true self" during pranayama, practice and meditation through technical, elastic and comfortable garments that accompany you in the movement. PERFORMANCE and SEAMLESS 3D technologies predominate in this collection, for use in all practices. Performance fabrics designed for disciplines such as FIT + yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Pilates and Seamless 3D fabrics that adapt to the body and create a second skin effect.

It has a color palette with warm tones (terracottas and browns) and basic colors, such as blue ebony blue, which take us into the autumn season and evoke the sensations we have when we practice yoga.