Born Virtual Gym

In this blog we want to tell you more about BORN's Virtual Gym!

As we know that we are subjected to a frenetic pace of life nowadays, we thought that a perfect option that adapts to all schedules and levels is a virtual gym.

We want you to always stay motivated, and to be able to combine your work and personal life with sport.

With the balance of 3 disciplines, we believe you can tone your body and stay active.

We have Yoga, Hiit and Barre classes that you can practice with our garments.


Yoga is a discipline, which encompasses a whole philosophy of life. Thanks to the combination of asanas, breathing and meditation , it balances your body and mind.

Babi, our teacher, will help you with Rocket sessions, core activations, detox sessions from 20' to 40' and medium or high intensities.

The material you will need will be a mat, a block and a bottle of water.

Soon we will publish a class with postural tips, in which Babi will guide you on how to perform the postures, to avoid injuries... we encourage you to stay tuned for the next weeks.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way to burn calories and gain strength in a short time.

Lauuu is our trainer, in charge of "kicking it up a notch" in these sessions to get you motivated. She works Full body, or does sessions with more specific muscle groups.

Lauuu's classes are of a higher intensity, so the duration is shorter, around 20'.

You will need a mat, weights and a bottle of water.


Barré is a barre discipline that fuses ballet, pilates and yoga making it aperfect routine to tone and shape your body. It combines strength exercises with cardio.

It consists of isometric exercises in which you work gluteus, abdomen and legs.

The intensity of the classes is medium-high with a duration of 20' or 40'.

The material you will need is a mat, a chair (with a high back), blocks and a bottle of water.

The two versions of Casa Barré taught at our BVG are:

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