Women and mothers in sports

Being a sports mom!

Challenges are possible with motivation and good organization.

Born is characterized by being a brand with values that define a healthy lifestyle . That is why, on the occasion of Mother's Day, we want to dedicate this blog to all those sporty moms!

What a great merit it is to take time from where there is none!

Spreading our hours between all the daily tasks is always a challenge . But thanks to the motivation that children can give you, we women are able to fulfill all our dreams.

A large part of the Born team is made up of women, who are also mothers and athletes . Like them, many women are an example of how to reconcile work and family life in order to achieve daily goals and objectives.

We love the concept of"family sports", a good reason to carry out a joint activity between friends and family.

Through sport, we set a good example to our children, as well as instilling values of sacrifice, perseverance, struggle, self-improvement and companionship, which we firmly share from Born.

Speaking of sport around motherhood, we highlight elite athletes, such as the American tennis player Serena Williams, who in 2017 was the mother of little Alexis Olympia, managing at the same time to be in the four Grand Slam finals of Wimbledon 2018 and 2019, US Open 2018 and 2019.

Or the case of Ona Carbonel, who after giving birth, got her Olympic place for Tokyo.

As we did at the beginning of this blog, we end it, congratulating on this special day to all the mothers who are part of our Born family, and to the mothers-to-be.

Happy Mother's Day, and happy day to all sports moms!