Loungewear: the fashion trend on the street and at home

Loungewear is a trend that we have known for a few years, but since the forties it has gained even more strength, as we were forced to change our way of dressing. We had to adapt and change our "office uniform" for loungewear: with much softer, more flexible and above all, comfortable garments.

Surely you have heard a lot about this concept, but if you want to know the keys of this trend, in this post we will tell you about it!

What is loungewear and why does it arise?

Since a few years ago, comfortable clothes have been integrated in our daily life, but with the forties we had to put our routine on standby and do all our life at home: we left the office, the gym or meetings with friends, to give way to an adaptation of these activities from our home. Given this situation and the extension of the "home office" or teleworking, the outfits for our daily workdays have been transformed into much more relaxed and comfortable looks -compared with the formality of the old "office uniforms"- and the balance between comfort and style at the time of dressing has been put in value.

All these needs can be materialized in the trend that, since 2020, is booming: loungewear. And this concept is defined as functional clothing to be comfortable - what once could be called "at home" - and now jumps from the comfort of home to the street. Among the essential garments of this style we find light and loose-fitting pants, loose-fitting T-shirts and blouses with flowing fabrics, outfits and jumpsuits in soft fabrics, and knitwear. With this type of garments and with comfort as a maxim, we can create looks that do not give up comfort and relaxation but remain stylish and creative.

Types of loungewear

If one thing is clear, it is that you can use this type of garments for any situation. These garments, which we once had in our imagination as our perfect allies for a "series marathon", have now become our best companions for our streetwear outfits and can accompany you on any occasion, it's just a matter of imagination!

Wear it on the street

As we mentioned, there are different garments that make up the loungewear trend, and mixing them with your favorite accessories can be the key to create your perfect look.

You can create relaxed outfits by combining a baggy t-shirt and flowy pants with a knitted garment and sneakers. Also, you can add other accessories such as a canvas bag or a cap to give it a sportier touch. But if you want to transform it into a more formal version, you can add some stilettos, some jewelry pieces -like some flashy earrings- and a nice hairstyle, to elevate your look and give it a trendy touch.

Wear it at home

The garments that make up the loungewear trend are especially comfortable and will become your day-to-day companions. Gone are the days when pajamas were the best friend of the days at home, now we give way to look good, but without sacrificing comfort.

Go ahead and mix & match and create your own combinations for your telework days, "sofa and blanket" plans or a quiet dinner at home. Feel the freedom that your clothes give you, but without giving up to look good!

We can say that loungewear, which was jokingly said to be our new "office uniform", has become an essential and little by little we have turned it into our new uniform of life. And it is not surprising since, a very positive aspect of this type of garment is that it favors all body types: it is simply a matter of trying and finding your favorite fabric and cut to create the silhouette that best suits your figure.

And when it comes to colors, we recommend that you opt for neutral tones because, in addition to being trendy, these are garments that you will use a lot and in different contexts, so it is better to leave aside the strident colors and let your style and accessories speak for you.

We hope you have become clearer about the concept of fashion: loungewear, and you start to let your imagination fly to create your perfect combinations. And of course, from Born Living Yoga, we encourage you to discover our new loungewear collection, choose your favorites and take your most comfortable looks to the street!