How to choose running leggings: 6 things to consider

It is clear that the sports legging is amust in our closet, and that every good athlete should get one, but sometimes there are some doubts about how to choose the ideal mesh to practice a sport as widespread as the running. Are you not clear on what to look for when choosing your legging? Don't worry, in this post we give you the keys!

Characteristics and materials that they should have, which are the best?

When it comes to choosing the garments with which we are going to run, one of the first doubts that usually assails us is whether to choose shorts or opt for leggings. Although this choice is very personal, there are those who prefer a garment that is tighter to the body in order to be able to perform better movements during the race, and for these cases, the ideal option is a pair of leggings -since this type of garment offers a second-skin sensation-.

It is important that we like the aesthetics of the legging -wearing clothes that we like and that fit us well always helps to have an extra motivation during our training-, but the three factors that you should take into account when finding your ideal leggings are: comfort, quality of materials and design.

First of all, you should choose the length of the garment. Nowadays there are different types of leggings that can be very practical when running: short, intermediate (covering above the knee) or covering the entire leg (and they can even have a capri cut, i.e., with a length that does not reach the ankles). You can use your long leggings in winter, when due to the temperature you need more coverage to be comfortable while running; intermediate length leggings are perfect for fall and spring, when temperatures are not so high as to encourage you with short tights, and long leggings are too warm; and short leggings can be used for your summer runs, or even to use them under a looser pants and prevent chafing that may occur during exercise.

On the other hand, you should take into account the seams, as it is important that they are reinforced, but that they are flat so that they do not protrude and can cause chafing during training. Although nowadays almost all leggings have such seams, it is important to keep this factor in mind. And make sure that the material or fabric your legging is made of is always breathable, quick-drying and designed to help contain your muscles, but without hindering your comfort while running. In addition, you can even opt for fabrics combined with materials that protect against UV rays -which can be quite useful if you usually run outdoors-.

And just as their composition is important, so is their support. It is obvious that your tights should be tight, but it is recommended that they always leave some slack so that you can move freely: that is, they should be close to the body without being restrictive. It is important that during the race our leggings do not pose a problem, therefore, the support should be high; thus, the waist should have a good fit to the body and you must take into account your size to prevent friction and friction that can injure your skin.

Another aspect that can be helpful is that your leggings include pockets or spaces to store small things -especially if you usually run outdoors and do not want to carry an additional accessory-.

Choose according to your personal use

Everyone is different and the circumstances in which they train vary; therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable and feel that you can complete your workout with total freedom, without your clothes being an impediment. Running tights prevent the appearance of irritation and uncomfortable chafing on the legs, as they help to create as little friction as possible between them. At the same time, they help keep your muscles warm, preventing them from cooling down during your breaks and avoiding any injury this may cause.

Where you will be running

The place where you practice the activity will play an important role in choosing your ideal legging.

Runners who run outdoors will need to be visible to other runners or vehicles, so it's recommended that your leggings have reflective stripes or are brightly colored so that you can be quickly identified - this is especially important if you run at night. Also, if you usually run outdoors and don't like to carry an extra bag or a sports fanny pack, as we mentioned before, it's important to make sure that the leggings you choose have built-in pockets so that you can store your belongings comfortably during your run.

And if you usually run in the mountains, one aspect that can help you is to choose long leggings, or at least capri, to avoid cuts and injuries with the terrain and plants that you may encounter during your run.

Keep in mind the weather

As we mentioned in the previous point, you will have to take into account the temperature and the season you are in to choose the most suitable leggings depending on the temperatures. If you usually run indoors, on the treadmill at the gym, you can choose the legging that best suits you based on your running comfort, as temperatures in gyms are usually mild.

In addition to wearing long leggings in winter, if you are going to run in extreme temperatures, it is important that you look for thermal leggings to insulate you from the temperatures and be able to continue your run in comfort. And in summer, keep in mind that it's best to choose leggings with UV protection as they will protect you from uncomfortable burns while exercising (always remember to apply sunscreen!).

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We hope these tips will help you to find your perfect running legging leggings! But, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable at all times and that during the race they are a second skin.