The environment is the area where different living beings coexist!

Humans 👤 have a direct relationship with the elements of nature, such as water, soil, air ... as we are part of the environment that define the environment.

Are we careful and conscious with these elements?

Water 💦, air 🌬and more elements of nature, are vital for our life.

Let's take care of them as they take care of us! 🙏

The relationship between sport 🧘♀️ and the environment ♻️:

There is a high relationship between the two concepts and is that sport activity, much of it takes place outdoors, which can cause damage to the environment.

Sustainable sport is becoming more and more fashionable, which takes into account the possible damage to the environment that can cause such as a Marathon ..., everything is possible to coexist, as long as we are aware and careful.

We give the example of a Marathon, because after an event of that magnitude, we can not imagine how many wrappers have been thrown on the ground. We damage the environment a lot, but it has a very easy solution. If we have the routine and the habit of not throwing anything on the ground, a Marathon becomes a beneficial sporting event for everyone.

Similarly, the commitment is also in the clothes we wear, from BORN, we have a great commitment to the environment, as we are a brand that lives in a constant search for materials and techniques that are sustainable over time.

BORN is a very conscious firm with sustainability, we use sustainable fibers thanks to its minimum water consumption, dyeing processes and subsequent care in the hands of the consumer such as: short washing cycles, no use of dryer or iron.

As for manufacturing techniques, we are strongly committed to Seamless garments, which, thanks to their weaving and production technique, waste of raw materials is practically nil.

We encourage you to be"sustainable consumers" and to practice"sport in a sustainable way".


Will you join us?