Sustainable Yoga Clothing: Discover BornLivingYoga

In only 4 years, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most recognized sports brands in the market, not only for the variety of garments and fabrics of our collections or for the satisfaction of our customers when they have the product in their hands, but also for the constant commitment to the environment that is reflected throughout our production process. In this blog we tell you all about Born Living Yoga's sustainable movement and make you part of this great initiative.

Our materials

We use Polyamide yarn, traditionally known as Nylon. This thread is composed of thousands of fibers, together all of them together get an optimal resistance for our garments, providing in turn a softness and an excellent touch, this technology will make that during the washings do not give off microfibers which translates into sets of greater durability and high quality. This material is also quick drying, does not require ironing and above all it is a sustainable and non-toxic fabric.
Thanks to the use of this type of yarn we obtain garments with fabrics whose production does not need hardly any water in its manufacturing process: we use only 10 liters vs. 2,500 liters that a conventional cotton garment needs. In addition, they do not require long washing cycles, which again translates into water savings.

#HopOnTheBornWave movement.

Our #HopOnTheBornWave initiative was born in 2020 as an eco-friendly movement that helps us to make our commitment to water visible, infect our customers with this mentality and join forces to achieve a greater impact on the planet. Since it began, we have saved more than 1.55 billion liters, and this is just the beginning.

"Sometime in the wave of change we find our true direction".

Our packaging

To reinforce our vision, all our garments are shipped in eco-friendly packages created from recycled materials, thus reducing the consumption of plastic and cardboard. We want to give a second life to our packaging, so we have created a recyclable bag designed so that you can also use it to store your belongings when you go on a trip, organize your closet and much more.
Another area where we want to do our bit is in reducing plastic consumption, so in Born we have created our 365 bottles, versatile stainless steel bottles that can accompany you in your day to day without the need to buy single-use plastic bottles.

At Born we continue working to leave our footprint on the planet. Join our #HopOnTheBornWave movement and help us achieve it.