Press Day SS24

Last week we held our Press Day, during which we presented our new collection to the press and influencers so they could get to know it in detail.

This season, our collection radiates vibrant colors and contagious energy, and we wanted our event to reflect that light and vitality. That's why we thought of complementing this event with a culinary experience that captured the predominant tones of the new line.

The selection of the space was fundamental to convey the distinctive style of our brand and create the ideal ambiance for all the planned activities. We opted for Gunni & Trentino, a store specializing in high-end interior decoration, to carry out this event.

In collaboration with chef @omabyluchi, we organized a cooking show where all the attendees, both the press who attended in the morning and the influencers we received in the afternoon, had the opportunity to create their own açai bowl. We presented three bowl options, each inspired by a distinctive color of our new line: Coral Bright Fruit Bowl, Blue Bright Fruit Bowl and Lime & Matcha Fruit Bowl.

Arianne was on hand to share all the details and explanations about this new collection.

When hosting the content creators, we provided them with different outfits so they could familiarize themselves with our fabrics and colors before diving into the experience. We wanted them to soak up the energy that defines the collection before its presentation.

We leave you with a compilation of photos and videos that reflect the essence of the whole experience.