What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of BORN?

Yoga, women, sport, color, comfort!

Do you know the TECH part of Born collections?

In this Blog we are going to talk about all the technology with which our fabrics are manufactured, technology thought and focused on sport, without losing that fashion component, which makes the perfect combination of the essence of Born Living Yoga.

-High breathability, it is a very important feature, because for both high and medium intensity sports, the fabrics must be breathable, otherwise, our skin will suffer, being able to irritate, also a technical and breathable fabric accompanies you to sweat for better performance.

-4 Way Stretch: the garments not only adapt to our body, but also allow us to reach any movement or position forgetting about the clothes we wear.

-Tech Dry, we get it through the microfiber polyester fabrics, which offer a quick drying of the garment, as they repel sweat, evaporating perspiration when exercising. Thanks to the Dry technology, we will have a feeling of freshness, freedom and control of our body temperature while training, and we will get a decrease of sweat stains on the fabrics. Our fabrics respect the balance between the natural humidity of our body and the outside.

-UV50+ protection, we like to do outdoor activities, so we must have an ally in the sun exposure to which we subject our skin. The UV50+ technology will act as a shield protecting your skin from the sun. The fabrics we use in Born tops and leggings offer protection against ultraviolet rays.

Some fibers are more permeable to the sun's rays than others and therefore offer less protection. For example, Polyamide and Polyester fabrics have a high UV protection, VS cotton fabrics that are more transparent to the sun's rays, therefore they protect us much less.

When practicing outdoor sports, wearing clothes with fabrics that have high UV protection is very important to protect our skin from possible burns or even cancer.

-Sustainable fibers, p of course, always environmentally friendly fabrics, which hardly need any water for their production and subsequent care. In fact, natural or cultivated fibers are the least environmentally friendly, because of their high water consumption (2500 liters for a cotton T-shirt VS just 10 liters for a pair of Born leggings).

On the other hand, cultivated fibers occupy fields that could be used to produce cereals or other products to feed millions of people.

What sport do you practice?

Depending on the sport you practice, in Born we have different outfits designed for each sport, from garments for Yoga ( tight-fitting and that accompany you in your movements), from Tennis or Padel (with dresses with pants, t-shirt with skirt, pockets designed to put the ball in), from Running-Hiit (high comfort and breathability) and of Barre (to follow our weekly workouts).