Born Testimonials: Valentine Colasante

BORN Testimonials.

Valentine Colasante, is our protagonist in the second episode of Born Testimonials this week. She is a French ballerina that we have had the good fortune to get to know more closely, thanks to the interview we have conducted with her in Paris, the city where she currently lives.

Of Italian origin and born in Paris, she is the daughter of a dancer and a jazz pianist. From a very young age, she felt her vocation for dance, entering the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1998, when she was only 9 years old. In 2006, she joined the Paris Opera BalletIn 2013, she was named"Première danseuse". Later, in 2018, she performed the role of Kitri in Don Quixote, partnered with Karl Paquette.

Valentine has a brilliant career, which aroused our interest to know her more closely. It was in Paris, where we were able to accompany Colasante in her routine, in her discipline, training, and to know her way of understanding life and the strong values that mark her character.

Valentine, told us that dance for her is a means of expression through body language, being very important the search for balance, essential for her work, since"emotions and stress have a direct impact on her body". She talks about dance as a profession and an art that allows you to push your limits and overcome all your fears.

She is aware that she is fortunate to be engaged in a profession that makes her happy every day, thanks to which she has acquired values of humility and resilience, which she defines as indispensable for life. She believes that you can learn a lot from your mistakes, as long as you analyze and understand them.

In our interview, when we ask Valentine what makes her tick, she talks about Challenges, personal challenges. Currently, she is "Danseuse Etoile", a great goal that she has dreamed of since she was a child, and that she has achieved thanks to the rigor that she has imposed on herself, so that as she told us, all challenges can be achieved as long as you comply with a discipline and put the means to achieve them.

Thanks to this second Born Testimonial, we have been able to learn more about the life, values and way of thinking of a dancer like Colasante, a very different profile from our previous protagonist Michelle de Bouillons, but both share the passion and the link with the sport since childhood, and fight every day being faithful to their values to achieve their goals.