World Water Day

This week at Born, we celebrate our commitment to water.

On March 22, it was World Water Day, a day that we want to highlight in a special way, due to our responsibility to the planet.

Since our beginnings, we have been very conscious of water consumption worldwide, and that is why we have done our bit in our productions, managing to save to date, more than 1550 million liters of water in all our processes.

This water saving has been achieved thanks to the fact that our fabrics, 90% of which are made of sustainable fibers, hardly need any water for their production or for their subsequent life.

Taking into account that the production of an organic cotton T-shirt requires more than 2500 L of water, and that for a Born garment only 10 L are needed, we realize that sometimes organic is not the most sustainable, and thus achieving these savings.

That is why, in 2020, we launched our sustainable movement called"Hop on the Born Wave" in order to give voice to our commitment to water in the textile industry, as well as to inspire and join forces among all, manufacturers and consumers, in their responsible use of water.

Thank you for joining this movement, in a direct way, with the consumption of our garments, which contribute to this saving and care for the environment.