Sustainable fashion: our commitment

Born Living Yoga was born in 2017 as a sustainable athleisure fashion brand. Since its first collection, we have been committed to fulfill our duty and help take care of the environment.

Our most precious commodity: water

Since the beginning, at Born Living Yoga we have managed to save more than 1550 million liters of water, which could have been used to hydrate 19.79 million people and irrigate more than 4769 hectares of crop fields.

Therefore, in 2020, we went a step further with our movement #HOPONTHEBORNWAVE through which we aim to raise awareness about the responsible use of water.

We use fabrics whose production requires very little water: only 10 liters compared to the 2,500 liters needed for a garment made from cultivated materials, such as cotton. The fabrics used to create the products are very high quality fabrics, with long and fine filaments, which avoids the loss of micro-plastics in the water.

The production processes are environmentally friendly, as they are carried out with the best technology on the market, with the aim of minimizing the waste of raw materials.

Our garments hardly require water, both in production and throughout their life. These fabrics are washed in short cycles, without softeners or dryers, which not only reduces energy consumption but also avoids the release of micro-plastics during washing.

Durable and sustainable garments

Our garments are made with high quality materials, which means they have a long and durable life. Encouraging you to buy less and better quality, thus reducing the impact that the textile sector has on the planet.

All Born Living Yoga garments, both tops and leggings, are 100% recyclable, allowing the fabrics to be reused and transformed into new products.

Zero plastic

In addition to taking care to preserve water, Born Living Yoga is also committed to reducing the excessive use of plastics. We created our 365 reusable bottlesWe have created our water bottles in stainless steel, so that we can use unlimited amounts of water and avoid buying single-use plastic bottles.

Our packaging consists of a recyclable bag, which has a zipper as a closure so you can reuse it without limits: to go on a trip, to organize your belongings or to carry your clothes or accessories.

The waves of change

Through partnerships, we take action in the fight for water conservation.

In 2020 we joined forces with AUARA, donating 4 liters of water for each order of our Roots - WATER collection, for developing countries. With this collaboration we managed to send more than 3,000 liters of water to the neediest people.

In 2021 we collaborated with OCEAN 52 and our customers, collecting a total of 3,679€ for the care and cleaning of the oceans. We earmarked 20% of our profits from the sale of our Wave Capsule Collection.