More than 2.65 billion liters of water saved since 2017

At Born Living Yoga we are committed to the responsible use of one of our most precious commodities: water.

In 2020 we started our movement Hop on the Born Waveto give voice to our commitment, as well as to inspire and join forces among all of us in the responsible use of water.

Since our beginnings, we have opted for fabrics composed of sustainable fibers for our garments, whose production and subsequent life cycle hardly needs water.

Now we want to go a step further and promote the importance of caring for them.

Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.

Our fabrics.

We choose fabrics made of sustainable fibers that require very little water, both in their production and during the life cycle of our garments.

We use quality fabrics, which in addition to providing comfort, reduce water consumption and prevent the release of micro-plastics in the wash.

Our fabrics do not require long cycle washes, so you will be saving water and energy in each one of them.

Our packaging.

We ship our products in eco-friendly packages, created from recycled materials that respect our commitment to the environment.

100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

The waves of change.

Helping abroad. AUARA, 2020 Helping abroad. Helping abroad.

In 2020 we joined forces with Auara, donating 4L of water for each order of our Roots - WATER collection, for developing countries. With this collaboration we managed to send more than 3000L of water to those who needed it most.

Time for the ocean. OCEAN52, 2021 Time for the ocean. Time for the ocean.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ocean 52 and our customers, we managed to raise a total of 3,679 € for the care and cleanliness of the oceans. We allocate 20% of our profits from the sale of our Wave Capsule to the ocean.